Friday, September 4, 2009

What I missed about the US

It is refreshing to be back in the states. The weather is just beautiful today in Michigan. Blue sky, sunny, in the 70s which is about 20s C.

Day 2: Family reunion with the Mather family

Woke up about 6am today, Cayenne slept through out the night with just a little rolling around.
Made breakfast with fresh fruit and nice whole wheat wholesome bread and muffins. Now that is something we really miss, Michigan has some really nice fruits, Peaches, Strawberries and blueberries. Nice bread and fresh GOOD muffins are hard to come by in HK without paying an arm and a leg. It was just simple but delicious.

Then went on a nice walk/run near a lake for about an hour and walked around downtown Milford. Small country town with lots of charm and nice people. This is another thing we miss about the US. Nice clean people less trails with nice people and dogs around a lake. There is plenty of trails in hk but it is usually full of people. Here trails are paved, clean and just quiet and nice. I ran for about 30 minutes and Haley, Jeanie took a swim and Cayenne enjoyed the fresh air and sun.

Went back to the house and had crab cake salad for lunch. We stop by a local grocery store on the way back to pick up some stuff for dinner and boy, do I really miss the grocery stores here. Everything is half the price than what we get in HK, mixed greens, baby food, meats, cheese...I just want to bring the whole store back to HK. Everything is so abundantly available, and people seems to buy a lot more that what they really need just because the store is so nice and clean but also at a reasonable price. You go to Great and it is nice but it will COST you to buy anything there.

Then we met up with the family at around 4pm, and by then Cayenne and I were all jet lagged. She took at nap starting at about 2pm and did want to get up. I finally went and sleep with her until 7pm and after some crazy crying and screaming, I finally woke her up and met the family. She flirted and boy was she the show of the night. Everyone was so tickled by her walking around and making faces. Jeanie made lamp chops, salmon, beet salads and german potato salads. We ate outside over looking the golf course and all 12 of us had a really nice time.

After dinner, Cayenne opened presents from everyone for her birthday, lots of clothes, toys and books. At about 10pm, she finally crashed on Jonathan's arms while he read her a story and I realized, I am way beyond tired. Hit the bed and had a great day.

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