Sunday, December 9, 2012

Avengers Cake with Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America and IronMan

My friend ask me to do a cake for his Son's 7th birthday party and gave me this picture as a guide!!!! This picture is from Cake with Love from Florida.  My first reaction is Crap!!!

This is a fondant cake and I said I don't make fondant cake, so this is my compromise!  A three tier 10 lbs Italian Butter Cream Vanilla butter cake. There were tons of challenges here and I learned a great deal from this project.

Cake was 3 tiers of 8 inch x 6 inch x 4 inch with four layers each.  14 inches tall including Thor's hammer.  A new product I use is the sugar sheets from Wilton.  I used this paper like sheets to create the hair of The Hulk.  It was so easy and I gave him a nice haircut.

Captain America Shield

This Captain America shield was fun.  Instead of stacking one circle on top of each other.  I choose to cut and in lay the circles making it flat like a shield.  I quite like this.  

Iron man mask was tough!  I couldn't really find anything I like as reference so I made this one based on a few image combined and gave him a cartoony eyes.  

Another major challenge was stacking the cake without making the color transferring to the other tier.  Also the shields and the mask was heavy and I had trouble attaching it to the cake without it sliding off.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know!  

But overall, this is an Avengers kind of a project!  Happy Birthday Jonathan!