Monday, August 31, 2009

Turn a page

The past month went by so quickly. Turning a new leaf in HK. Started working for Shamrock catering to be their part time sales and marketing manager there. It is so nice that I finally found a company that I can work part time with freedom. It is also a flash back of what I did in the US. I was hired to roll out their boxed lunch program in HK. This is a new concept for HK, I think there are lots of potential but it is hard to get started when there is other fish to fry in the company.

Working for a small company is nice because your opinion is valuable. Your ideas really get utilized and your effort counts. However, you also get to do everything and trouble shoot is the best job description of this job. In a day, I could be do a flyer, then create a menu for client, drive to canvas an office building, sell some lunches at a school, translate a chinese menu to English, manage a kids birthday party and cold calling clients all in one day!

This is the difference between working for a large company that you have to play by the book and work within the box. I am not sure if I can do that anymore and follow the rule book and punch in at 9am sharp. To be honest, it never worked for me. I always have to challenge authority.

I really enjoy the part where I get to make important decision and see a new project that I roll out mature and become a success. Although it is risky, it is the most rewarding thing being an employee. Talking about being an employee, wow, I am liking it. Especially after being my own boss for so long, it is so nice not to worry about much at the end of your work day and just go home and chill. It might be nice to say I am the boss, but deep down, you are really an under paid and under appreciated person that hopes to make it one day. It is never enough, it is never successful enough. You are always looking for investor, you are always looking for new avenue to improve your company. It could be fun but it could also be draining. It takes every ounce out of you having your own business.

That is why I decided to sell my business before I have Cayenne. I cannot handle the pressure and do both. I might not make as much money, but at least at the end of the day, I can relax and enjoy my baby. I never thought I would find an employer that will tolerate my feeling about work, but I am glad, this seems to be working so far. We will see!