Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 15 favorite unforgettable moments in Nice and Cannes, France

  1. Being a human bumper sensor, sitting in a 9 passenger vehicle trying to get around in small streets of Aix.
  2. Got make fun of speaking limited Spanish in France
  3. Finding all these sugar flower peddles in small spice shop in Cannes
  4. Eating truffle risotto with Foie Gras
  5. Getting stuffed everyday with Dozens of Fine De Claire N 2 Oysters @ 13 Euros and Belon N00 @ 56 Euros per dozen
  6. Running in Nice at 530am, got lost, GPS got me back to my hotel just before it ran out of battery and just in time for breakfast at 8am, I haven't seen my roaming data charge yet!
  7. Foie Gras and Macaroons in the same sentence
  8. Jonathan's speechless speech for the students at the University of Wine in Aix on the windiest day of the year in a 13 century castle.
  9. Cayenne threw up in Heathrow airport, fever the next day and endless demands for candy for the rest of the trip
  10. Cayenne got super sugar high after a visit to the Haribo gummy factory
  11. Waking up every morning with crisp yet chewy french baguette, croissants, ham and cheese
  12. Arriving at the perfume store in Eze with a bad cold, cannot smell a thing and have Jonathan describe the scents to me so that I can shop
  13. A family trip with 6 adults and a child without a major fist fight.  Cayenne's meltdown does not count!
  14. Wish that I was a little dog in France where I can shit everywhere and go to all the fancy restaurants and high end boutique with my chic owner.
  15. James Bond serving us seafood paella
  16. Avoid French lamb and Steak dishes if you like US or Australian meats.  Stick with seafood and pastas.
This is my first visit to France, not having been to Paris yet, I feel that the South coast, like most countries is relax and simple.  Driving along the coast was majestic yet romantic and I encourage everyone to do it ones in their lifetime.  My GPS(British Jane) was amazing at finding all the streets that we need to go even those in hidden small village over the hill side of some remote town.  Just be mindful of very tight streets and country drivers.  With Wine, Cheese, chocolate and Perfume making be their major industries, that really gives me the idea that French are true indulgent human being.  After all, how can you have stress when you are in a romantic city filled with good smelling well dressed people, dining on fine pastries, sweets and cheese, drinking fine wines.
6am in Nice