Saturday, October 31, 2009

Agnes B Vins De France Wine Dinner

Friday, the end of a work week, a day to release you back to yourself.  Autumn is my favourite time of the year in HK.  No more sweat beading down my neck. 

After an all day jewellry beading class in Lamma, walking down small streets with bohemian store fronts and flip flop wearing westerner on bicycles, pace of life here seems almost like being in a small French Village.  But my loud metallic Prada platform, grey leather jacket and my fresh off the production line necklace reminded me that civilization is just around the corner.  25 minutes ferry ride and I am back into the luxurious cement jungle of IFC attending a wine dinner at Agnes' B. LaLoggia La Pain Grille hosted by Vins de France.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Food Diary

It was the Chung Yeung long weekend and every long weekend means lots of eating involved. But I did not expect that much eating!

Sunday-Chung Yeung Festival we went to Cheung Chau Island to sweep the grave of our ancestor. We say our preys, light fire crackers and had candy and snacks. Brought over a whole crispy Roasted Pork, chicken, goose, was suppose to be hard work. So we cooked up a big meal to feed our hungry souls.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Marco, My carrot

Another check off my lists to do in 10 years! 10k run, check! Thanks to Marco today, I ran my first 10k in 1 hour and 15 mins. Enough to qualify me for the 10k for UNICEF November 28.

Running is definitely addictive. Although I will walk like a penguin for the rest of the night, I am already thinking about how I can improve my run tomorrow. My mistake today is I ate too much at lunch and I ran 2 hours after I had a bowl of rice with chicken and broccoli. After today's run I actually have a stomach ache and feel nauseated. After all this is my first 10k, I have run 7k before but the last 3k was definitely harder. Another thing is I did not have my music today...such a dry run. Thanks to Marco who keep pushing me to run on time, or else, if I was by myself, I would have given up already! Marco was my carrot and I was the fat horse behind it trying to catch up!!!