Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Food Diary

It was the Chung Yeung long weekend and every long weekend means lots of eating involved. But I did not expect that much eating!

Sunday-Chung Yeung Festival we went to Cheung Chau Island to sweep the grave of our ancestor. We say our preys, light fire crackers and had candy and snacks. Brought over a whole crispy Roasted Pork, chicken, goose, was suppose to be hard work. So we cooked up a big meal to feed our hungry souls.
With all my uncles and aunties, we all played our parts. Uncle 13 was in charge of the offerings, Uncle 11 kept an eye on the soup and cooked noodles, chopping up the whole pig was no an easy task for Uncle #8 and the rest of us folded paper offerings and set the table. Cayenne was extremely happy playing with her cousin Nathan. All the offerings were boiled in a big pot with Vegetable and Rice noodle. All the bones made a rich delicious broth that having a second bowl was required. All the left over did not go to waste, not only did we we fed all the bones and noodles to the dogs around the island, everyone who came and helped got a chunk of roasted pork to take home. I got the pork butt that I was hoping for, yummy! That is a tradition of our family that lasted for generations.

After the nice meal and a ferry back to Kowloon, Cayenne, Jonathan, mom and I went to Sai Kung for a nice walk around the water front. Sai Kung is one of the few places where we can let our dogs out run free. So besides from the crowed street full of people sell and buying seafood, there were all kinds of dogs, St. Bernard, Labs, Big Poodles, small Poodles...they all came out to play and show off. We sat in a water front cafe and cannot help but munch on local waffles loaded with peanut butter, coconut sugar and sesame, Burger, fries and salad. The Breeze from the sea reminded us how we love the Autumn weather in HK and the people watching was definitely one of the best part about being in HK.

Not that we did not have enough. At dinner time, although exhausted from the day worth of activities, Jonathan decided to bring out the US Prime steak that we got from the wet market. I got lucky and got this nice steak from the market and cost minimal. Herb crusted, extra thick cut with Roasted potatoes and Asparagus. Juicy and sinful. We cracked open a bottle of Karl Lawrence 2001 that we got from a while back in the US. It was so buttery, oaky with a hint of honey, so tasty that we finished it before the steak. At this point, why not continue the indulgence and smoke a cigar and sip on some Disaronno on the rocks. O wait, we also have that chocolate cake that I made 6 months ago sitting in the freeze wasting space, let bring it out and have a crack at it. Now that's the perfect ending. It was so perfect that I was definitely guilty!

Monday-Beautiful Monday and still a public holiday. Dad suggested we come over to the Peak for a walk since it is hiking day. I know I should after the scrumptious meal from last night but my sluggish body took over my brain. Maggie called and wanted to do brunch and that sounded more manageable. So we have our mind set on brunch and gather the troops. After picking my parents up at Wan Chai, we head over to the Brunch Club in Central. I heard many good things about this place serving American and British Breakfast. We asked Maggie to get there first so that we can get a nice table. We got there and found no sign of Maggie and came to find out, she was at the Causeway Bay BC...bummer. Luckily she was with her friend Colleen so we end up eating separately.

Although my mom declare that she already ate and is eating light and we had a big dinner last night, we cannot help but ordered, the Lamb Burger, a Pea soup with Bacon, a Ham and Cheese Hot French Sandwich (Forgot what the name is), a Grilled Chicken Salad and a Smoked Salmon Parmesan Omelet, some Lemon grass herbal tea with honey, iced Latte, a mixed juice and a Lemon Tart later, we finally had enough. All that for 480HKD, not too bad for a Central joint! Atmosphere was comfy, with white sofas and lots of magazine to choose from. Service was ok, not too attentive by acceptable for a small cafe. They also have a little patio outside if you want some fresh air with your breakfast.

With all that load in our tummy, we went for a windy walk in Central. Holding Cayenne in my arms was a plus to get ride of that Lemon Tart. We walked from Peel street to Gore street, Hollywood road to Queen's Road and back to Wellington.

We went back to my mom's place and rest for a bit. Cayenne slept in the car for an hour and when we arrive at my mom's she was already preparing dinner. She said, we had so much left over chicken and pork from the festival that she is going to make Congee and Lettuce wrap. OK, here we eat again. And with all our mighty, we managed.

Tuesday-Maggie and I had a date to go shopping and eating in Shen Zhen. After taking Cayenne to the play group, we headed over to the Border. We got there a little before 2pm and cannot help but wait for a table at Laurel Restaurant, tourist and HK People's favourite. Laurel is always packed full of people but we always manage to get a table without too long of a wait. Their service was efficient, we ordered three different kinds of Dim Sum, Vegetable Dumplings, Pork's Knuckle, their specialty, curry squid and drunken Chicken. Delicious! and 120rmb later, we head over to our tailor. Maggie made 5 pairs of pants, 3 shirts for about 600Rmb and I made 4 shirts and a 12ft table cloth for 600Rmb. Then we head to our handbag shops to see Coco, she always brings us to her private storage outside the mall and we picked out a few must have handbags. She also suggested that we come back next time for lunch with her and she will bring us to local place, nice! Some how we just cannot get enough today, we looked for shoes, kids shoes, more bags, and after another three hours of walking around, we decided to eat at another restaurant that Coco recommended. Now that we are shopped out and tired, we ordered Stew Fish Head, Steamed Bun, Salt Garlic and Pepper Crispy Fish, Chinese Broccoli with Shrimp Paste, Duck's Tongue, and their famous Stuffed Tofu Dish. With a cold beer, we pigged out with no hesitation. All these foods brings out the old boyfriends and their family, and life is good! Many handbags and three pairs of shoes for Cayenne and a full belly, we walked back across the border for fresh air and HK Civilization at 11pm.

Wednesday- O no more food diary. This morning I woke up with a sore throat and dry mouth. MSG overload but when I look back, no regrets! Putting on my tights and tank top. I am determined for a 10k run today. No if and but, I am hitting the pavement! No pain no gain, can't wait for Friday for the Agnes B wine tasting and Halloween Buffet at Chartered House on Saturday!

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