Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old Navy Run

Woke up this morning with another day of sun shine. First up, feed the monster. Bananas, Muffins and blueberries. Her little fingers were working hard but still most of everything went onto the floor and Haley is getting the picture that Cayenne's surrounding is a good feeding ground.

Matt, Jonathan's brother left today after a nice dinner last night. Jeanie went setup at the Pontiac fair. She has a bling business that seems to be doing better each year even thought the Michigan Economy is in the shitter.

But today, I have an agenda, I hit the pavement for about 30 minutes, had some lunch and I am ready for Old Navy. I know it is cheap stuff but I have been craving disposable clothing and some good old American shopping, meaning shopping with a extra large trolley (Cart).