Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I haven't wrote for a long time! Things are always changing. Last time I wrote was when I was running, having a good time socializing and staying fit. 4 months later, I am pregnant again, one size bigger and trying to think if I can handle being a mom for two kids.

Cayenne is now 17 months, she is running, making small talks, coping me and watching my every move. Grandma always complain that she is not talking but within the last several weeks, she has become more expressive with her words. Although sometimes I don't know what she is talking about, it seems to make perfect sense when she does say anything. Now that she is looking to learn, I have to give her more opportunity to meet new things. But at the same time, when is too much and too fast for her? Is there such thing as over doing it with your kids? Some people try to expose them to everything, they said, they need to let them try everything so that they can choose one thing that is their favourite. I seems to be very lay back in that department. What is the different between taking them to a baby gym and teach them how to play and run around with kids then going down to your local playground to let her run around with other kids? It amazes me that there seems to be a baby class for everything.

One thing I regret is not to take my time when I came out of College. I started working right away. Now I realize, once you start working, you will never have the time to explore on your own. It is the same I feel about Cayenne. If I start pushing her to learn so much and so early, when will she have time to really play her hearts out and really be a baby, a child. I want her to live a little, she does not have to be responsible now, when she gets older, it will come but right now, I just want her to feel her world around her raw and simple. Let her use her language and imagination to discover her likes and dislikes. Life will only get harder.