Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old Navy Run

Woke up this morning with another day of sun shine. First up, feed the monster. Bananas, Muffins and blueberries. Her little fingers were working hard but still most of everything went onto the floor and Haley is getting the picture that Cayenne's surrounding is a good feeding ground.

Matt, Jonathan's brother left today after a nice dinner last night. Jeanie went setup at the Pontiac fair. She has a bling business that seems to be doing better each year even thought the Michigan Economy is in the shitter.

But today, I have an agenda, I hit the pavement for about 30 minutes, had some lunch and I am ready for Old Navy. I know it is cheap stuff but I have been craving disposable clothing and some good old American shopping, meaning shopping with a extra large trolley (Cart).

We drove almost half an hour to the Old Navy by Novi. As we approach the strip mall along with Office depot, Pet smart, Target, Starbucks, I can smell that Old Navy is near. Yes we see it and lets park the mini Van and get ready. Cayenne was still sleeping in the car so I was relieved that I can have some relaxing shopping.

Let me tell you, I almost forgot how big people are here. In the first corner by the door, three oversized ladies were checking out their graphic Ts. As I was searching for my size Medium, I cannot help but noticed those XXXL underneath it all. That is something I totally miss, someone much bigger than me in HK. Well, I am the average size now...YEA! I am so used to girls telling me in Hong Kong they only carry a M when I clearly know, there is a L out there but they just don't carry it. I am sure I am not the only one in HK that needs a L. And wait, I forgot to mention, L is just like a S in the US, especially they are Japanese design. Ok, I know I am a generously built lady that is a foodie but still, I know there is pretty ladies out there that wish they can see a L in the stores. Maybe I should start a L lists of shops that sells L.

As I cruise down the lane with my extra large cart filled with Graphic Ts passing by muffins asses and EE( cannot understand starlets advertise E cups in HK when clearly it is a B in the US) jugs, I came across the baby section. O so cute and O so Cheap. There were all kinds of shoes and cute little outfits and Halloween costume. O I wish I can Trick or treat with Cayenne. That is another not so popular activity in HK. Well, back to reality, she is growing so fast and I don't really have that much room in my already heavy over sized suitcase, so I only got 10 Ts and BB PJs.

We head out to Birmingham for a stroll down memory lanes. This is the high school hangout for Jonathan and I. Although we don't know each other then, we went to the neighborhood high school. We drove by the house that he used to live in and also the house that he crash the car into the tree. Most of the shops that I like was gone, I remember those were the days when everything I see and touch is cute and I want to buy everything. Now, it seems to be harder to shop for anything. All that thinking, do I need it, do I want to spend it and where do I have room for it. Is it too heavy for me, is it age appropriate, will I wear it. Finally I spend an hour in the Anthropology store. Shabby chic to the max. Found a really cute little black dress and some candles for my friend. Nice big store with lots of soft feminine chic decor, love it.

Now that Cayenne is awake and had some iced tea, we meet up with Jeanie at the Pontiac Art Festival. Downtown De....troit, definitely Not the artzy art fair that you expect. There were Cheap fake name sunglasses, African jewelry, blings and LOTS OF Fair food. That is all I cared about. What fun without funnel cakes, turkey legs, curly fries and Texas BBQ. After grabbing a extra large turkey leg, finger licking good ribs and some greasy curly fries, we head down to the Art street. I think Cayenne caught on the street fair idea. She started grabbing the Turkey leg and will not let go. She almost end up eating 1/3 of it and was very happy with herself.

Man all that festivity in one day, we even have to stop by DQ for dessert. An Oreo Blizzard, Chocolate dip cone and a chocolate shake later, we came off that sugar rush and made it home in one piece.

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