Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to the US

After a year and a half, we are back to the US visiting families. It is also Cayenne's first time to the US. We were really nervous about this trip, partly because of the long plane rides and jet lag. We arrived monday afternoon to Michigan, and we will be heading up to Ontario, Toronto and Blue Mountain, then to DC for a couple of days and end up in Japan for 2 days to visit friends. This is really ambitious and I will have to keep a diary to see if this trip is worth it.

Day One: Traveling to the US
Traveling with a baby is really something else. Three huge luggage, 2 carry on, car seat for the baby, stroller to push her around, is not something two parents can manage easily. We end up checking in the stroller and put the car seat on a dolly and roll cayenne in it through the airport. It was pretty funny but it works. The ride to Japan was not bad at all, she slept during take off and woke up and played the rest of the way, crawling through the ailse, make eyes with people and eating airplane food.

Then the ride to Detroit was a lot longer. She did manage to sleep for 6 hours but that is after a couple hrs crawling between me, the car seat and daddy. We did not get the front roll seat but we did have all the roll to ourselves, that was nice. She had the window seat where she watch the plane took off. We did not take off until an hour after we got on due to mechanical difficulties so she was all about getting off her seat. Then we have these two boys behind us kicking us through out the whole ride and Cayenne keeps flirting with them standing on top her chair. Really it was not bad at all, I held her for three hours while we all slept and the 10 hours and 39 mins slowly was over.

As soon as we got off the plane, Jeanie and grandpa Jim came got us. Cayenne was all giggly in the car doing tricks and blowing kisses. Then Jeanie asked what we wanted to do and I said lets do Costco and get some stuff we need and dont' have in HK. So the first American Soil that Cayenne stopped on was Costo. You cannot get more american than that!

We visited some friends of Jeanie's and by about 6pm, we all fell apart. We managed to have dinner and Cayenne slept all the way through till 6am.

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