Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SML...room for improvement

Last Saturday, we were looking for a meet up place in Causeway Bay for lunch with some friends and the kids.  Everytime I think of Causeway Bay, I think of the mounts of people, traffic and Jonathan getting into a fight with people who cut in front of him.  Where is a good place that is child friendly and relatively not as crowded?  Maybe Time Square?  Well, we thought of SML, always wanted to try it, decor seems nice and open.  We called at about 10am and got a reservation for 4 adult and 2 kids. 

When we arrived, the whole front of the restaurant was setup with 3 long table of 20 people for birthday parties.  Then at the back, close to the kitchen is where we were seated.  Quite roomy but very noisy.  The menu were very extensive, but not sure if they specialize on any cuisine.  I thought it was Spanish but there were lots of other stuff on the menu too.  We quickly ordered some pasta, salad, Paella, finger foods and some drinks for the kids.  As we sat and talked, it got more and more uncomfortable.  The restaurant was so busy and people were running around us.  I felt like I was in a fast food joint like Cafe De Coral.  Then our food start arriving.  When we ask what that was, the server had no idea even though she was the expediter.  Then two other dishes arrived at our table and it did not belong to us.  I thought the food was ok but the atmosphere made everything seems cheap.  At the end, we all became so restless that we ate quickly and left. 

The bill end up to be about $1000, it was not cheap but I felt cheap after dining in that restaurant.  

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