Friday, July 17, 2009


Just took Cayenne swimming at Silver Strand Beach. It was such a nice afternoon, water was clear and not that many people. I am so glad I took Cayenne for swim class at an early age. Now she enjoys swimming and she loves crawling on the sand. She learned how to dive in the water and do a small swim from A to B. I highly recommended Harry Wright Swim Class. Everyone saw her at the beach and thinks that she is so brave at a young age. I think every kid is capable of swimming and doing everything, you just need to expose them to all the possibilities. I am very conscious of not influencing her on my own fear.
Like Skiing, I would love to be good at it but my fear completely over power everything when I am on the ski slope. Therefore, after numerous tries, I made a conclusion that I am happier as a ski bunny having hot cocoa at the lodge. But I really hope Cayenne will take after her dad and will enjoy skiing.

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  1. Congrats on starting the blog!

    I wish you can read Japanese, I also have a blog but it is in Japanese. :)

    Looking forward to reading all your entries...